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Transshipment Agent Consolidation

We offer a special expanded service to reduce your one of main burdens “cost factor”. There are two mainstreams under transshipment agent consolidation Buyer’s Consolidation Under this service, we will be able to reduce your costs and offer full transparency in a more simplified manner compared to multiple LCL shipments. It also incurs us to handle fewer units to your destination which will give a comparative advantage on accurate scheduling, reliability, and environmental savings. We turn multiple LCL shipments in to FCL shipments with utilization of containers as a part of our consolidation services. If our clients receive cargo from multiple suppliers, we can consolidate with our services which will be organized in a more linear manner. Dedicated containers are packed and sealed for final delivery at the customer’s premises or straight to the end users with our Distribution Centre Bypass Program. Multi Country Consolidation We pleased to be informed you that we have partnered with multiple regions by using Colombo as the strategic hub. Our network guarantees you faster transit times, efficient & timely re-working of cargo, competitive on-carriage, accurate documentation, and time-bound communication. We have engaged in efficient management procedures such as routine checks on orders, acquiring information and other mechanisms to support our consolidation system. MCC program will provide a solution for your cost consideration and save your time.